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Designed for Someone Special


My favorite thing to do as a card maker is design a card for a special recipient. Here are just two recent examples.

Custom designs start at $20.

The request: Valentine's Day cards for my customer's five children, three teen boys and two younger girls. Her request was that one card have a pirate theme, two have sports themes (soccer and swimming), and the girls' cards be butterflies but distinguished with a dragon fly and a lady bug.

The requests: (1) Valentine's Day cards for a teacher and an aspiring film maker who loves the horror genre (now THAT was a challenge!) and (2) Valentine's Day card for a math teacher with an impressive Afro.

The Recipient's Age:
Card Type
Request Quote
Request for Quote

The request: A card showing support for a friend who was facing a particularly difficult time.

This card is an "exploding box" card. As the lid is removed, the sides fall down. This card has four boxes but can be designed with one, two, three or four boxes. Each box contains envelopes and pockets for handwritten notes.


The request: Flowers with the feeling of spring.

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